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Partner Bio: 2Eraz

2Eraz is a variety streamer playing current gen, throwbacks, and everything in between. You never know what he'll end up playing, but you know he'll keep it entertaining with high production value and great community interaction! He’s an avid fan of the Cleveland Browns and Dallas Mavericks.

Recently, he has started doing 60 second stream reviews on TikTok. He is also the Founder and Host of the Small Streamer Awards, an award show focus on smaller streamers. They had their inaugural show last year, and are planning this years’ iteration. 

The design for his shirt is like a 2Eraz stream, some current gen realism and an old school throwback. All framed with that classic cartridge look!


Partner Bio: Touch Papa

Tony “Touch” Papa is a competitive Warzone streamer. His gameplay is highlighted by strong gun skills and movement/ positioning. You can catch him and The Morning Shift hanging out in stream weekday mornings. Tony has focused on building an enjoyable atmosphere in his community and streams, with a priority on interacting with chat.

Tony enjoys watching his community grow and genuinely getting to know the members of The Morning Shift. 

Tony describes himself as a grinder, and his Warzone record backs that up! Tony has over 54,000 Warzone kills, which puts him on the top 50 US Leaderboard. As he continues to perform in tournaments and wagers he has his sights set on becoming a Twitch Partner and playing in Twitch Rivals. You can find his Twitch and other socials below, including his newly launched Youtube channel!

Youtube: TouchPapa

Twitter: @xTouchPapa

TikTok: @TouchPapa


Partner Bio: McNasty Sandwich