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STRM Shirt was conceived in February 2021 during a time when majority of the country was still locked down. We launched in April 2021 with our first partner "McNasty Sandwich" and unveiled what we know the streaming the community was lacking...apparel focused on them!

Co-Founders Patrick and Ryan aim to bring custom, exclusive limited run shirts for streamers and their communities. While highlighting up & coming streamers with strong followings, we hope to bring the excitement of supporting and discovering new streamers to you.

Choosing to focus on quality, STRM Shirt partners with a professional graphic designer (10TonGorilla) and an experienced printer and fulfillment agency (Twine). By never compromising quality for profits STRM Shirt ensures that the streamers they work with will give their communities an excellent product that they will be excited about. 

Why We Do What We Do

Streaming provides a constant source of new and exciting content made by individuals who are truly passionate about they’re doing. During the COVID pandemic streaming saw unprecedented growth in both content creators and content.

People are again feeling that joy of discovery when they stumble across a new streamer or category. We want to highlight and amplify that feeling by highlighting streamers who are constantly grinding day in and day out.

How We Amplify Discovery

STRM Shirt features a new streamer each month in various categories. We provide those featured streamers a custom design that is unique to them and you won’t be able to find any where else. We take that design and put it on a quality shirt that will survive the fist wear and provide supporters a chance to display their style to their friends. Supporters can showcase their support for the streaming community by taking part in our subscription service where they’ll receive a new shirt each month.

What Makes Us Different

Our designs are big, bold, and custom. You won’t see our shirts anywhere else but right here and right now. We source quality garments that we know our streaming partners and their communities will love. Big and bold designs deserve the best and that’s what STRM Shirt is providing…the best!

Where to Follow STRM Shirt

You can find us on:

Instagram - @STRMshirt

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TikTok - @STRMshirt

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