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Welcome to the STRM Shirt Journey!

Welcome to the STRM Shirt Journey!

Welcome to STRM Shirt!

We're finally in a place where we can start a blog to follow our journey. We just launched our THIRD shirt in our monthly "Streamer Series" drop. We've learned a ton since we launched in March, and we're going to smash that W key and keep it moving forward. 

When I was getting started streaming I wanted awesome fashionable shirts to wear on stream that focused on the streaming community. There was a ton of esports jerseys, and logo stamped streamer shirts, but nothing truly custom and unique. Months later I saw an advertisement for a dive bar shirt subscription. It didn't take long for me to blend the two ideas. If people were buying t shirts featuring random dive bars in cities thy've never been to, I knew there was a market for premium streaming shirts showcasing great streamers.

The plan was simple. Connect with one new up and coming streamer each month and custom design a shirt that highlights them and their community. We decided very early on that we needed to have a strong focus on design. We want to make sure that even if you're not a fan of our latest streamer yet, that you'll still LOVE the shirt you get in the mail. 

Once we had a plan and some funding we started working with vendors. We have a killer professional graphic artist, an awesome printer, and even better streamer partners. Every month we bring them together to crank out a custom design and put it on a premium shirt. 

I can't write our first blog without mentioning McNasty Sandwich and Touch Papa. Both of these streamers signed up with us before we had a product. They both heard our pitch, and believed in the vision. 

To anyone who has supported us or bought a shirt, THANK YOU. That means the world to us. We're super excited to show everyone what we're working on next. Make sure you subscribe to our email list and socials to get all the updates!


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